[fanfiction: Reflection in the Glass]

Title: Reflection in the Glass
Author: Allelujah
Subject: S1! Ep 11 Allelujah introspective, hinted AlleMarie
Rating: PG
Notes: Well, it's been three years and my boyfriend and I have recently begun to marathon the series. I'm happy that he likes Allelujah a lot, and watching it all over again inspired me to write this little fanfiction. No real warnings, and it's pretty short.

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konata manga

AlleMarie Plushies

Made these for annwyd. Yes they took a long time. I'm not completely happy with how Alle turned out though. They're made of suedecloth and flannel with felt hair. This was my first time experimenting with painting eyes but I think I'll go back to using the iron ons. They're much simpler!

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[SoL] Reveal and Closing~

I do apologize for being late, but here we are -- the Reveal! \o/ :

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Thank you all very, very much for the beautiful fics and art. It was a small event, but I'm very happy at the turnout. I cannot thank you guys enough for being such great participants. I had a lot of fun modding this exchange and I hope you guys had fun too.

For my little surprise... well, it's nothing much. ^^;; Just a little something to thank you guys~

Warning up for implied nudity!

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With that said, Supersoldiers Springtime of Love 2010 is officially closed. :D Fics and art can be posted wherever else dear writers and artists may wish to.

Again, many thanks and cheers to all! <3

[SoL 2010 Fanfic] For zombiebat

*waves~* o/

I will be posting the reveal within the next week. I'm afraid I won't be online as much as I'd like for the rest of the Lenten season, so I'll be leaving you guys with the last submission, and wishing you all a lovely spring, and for those who celebrate it, a very happy Easter. <3

Title: To Tear the Word
Combination of OT4 chosen: Allelujah/Soma
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Author’s notes: This is in response to the prompt requesting Highschool AU. I apologize for not including Hallelujah in it, but the troublemaker just didn’t fit in!

When the play assignment had first been posted, the prospect of sharing the stage—and the lead part—with one of his favorite people in the school had never been more appealing to Allelujah Haptism. It wasn’t every year that their grade was given such a popular classic to perform as Romeo and Juliet. While most of the roles were given on luck of the draw basis, Allelujah considered himself to be extremely lucky to have a chance to spend time with his longtime crush.

With every passing rehearsal, however, he was starting to question his luck.

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[SoL 2010 Fanart] For aesthetically

Title: Untitled
Combination of OT4 chosen: Allelujah/Marie
Rating: G
Warnings (if any): None
Notes: Sooo I completely dropped the ball, and ended up throwing something together last minute >_< I hope it's still okay, dear anon. Also I apparently interpreted the prompt as "Hane's Ad" haha. I just have a thing for young families and giant beds.

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