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supersoldiers's Journal

Supersoldiers: The Allelujah x Soma Community
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gundam 00


supersoldiers is a Livejournal community dedicated to the relationship between the HRL ace pilot, A-LAWS lieutenant, and now GN Archer pilot Marie Perfacy (or Soma Peries) and the Gundam Meister Allelujah (or Hallelujah) Haptism. We welcome fanfiction, icons, fanart, links, discussion, and anything else that might be related to that topic.

This is not just a pairing community; fans are welcome to discuss and enjoy the non-romantic aspects of the relationship as well, even if it involves other pairings within the "foursome," so long as they interact in some way.


1. Don't forget common courtesy. Harassing or personally attacking other members of the community is not allowed.
2. Try to keep your posts on topic. Comments can wander off into tangents if you'd like, but when you post, make sure it has something to do with Allelujah and Soma. A Hallelujah/Allelujah fanfic that includes numerous references to and thoughts of Soma is allowed; a fanart of Sergei and Soma that doesn't have Allelujah in it at all is not. General roleplay advertisements are also not allowed, although specific requests for "a Soma to play with my Hallelujah," for example, are allowed.
3. If posting fanart or fanfiction that isn't yours, or links to same, please indicate clearly who created it.
4. Put large images, spoilers, and adult content under a cut, and make sure to clearly warn for them outside the cut.
5. Don't bash any characters or pairings.
6. When making a post please use the appropriate tags, a list of which can be found HERE. This will help organize the community and make it easier for people to find what they're looking for.


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